Why Endpoint Antivirus Belongs in Your AIX Security Environment
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Why Endpoint Antivirus Belongs in Your AIX Security Environment

January 29, 2019


Most organizations are vigilant about applying antivirus software to their workstation PCs. Unfortunately, even though malware and other destructive entities can just as easily target your AIX servers (both on-premises or in the cloud), many remain unprotected.

Servers running AIX and other operating systems are frequent targets of cyberattacks, according to the Data Breach Investigations Report. So what’s the best way to ensure your servers are secure.

Bob Erdman, Security Product Manager at HelpSystems, discusses the importance of focusing on every endpoint, and how endpoint antivirus software can serve a critical function in your AIX security profile. During this webinar, Bob will discuss:

  • Common types of attacks
  • What endpoint antivirus solutions do
  • Native OS scanning
  • Compliance regulations
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