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When JDBC/ODBC Jobs Attack Your IBM i

Real-time job monitoring and control in Robot Monitor


Your IBM i server performance is under attack from the outside, getting hammered by user-submitted queries and external applications, not to mention batch and interactive jobs.

You need to know when system performance degrades (and why) or your reputation—and potentially your job—could be on the line!

Watch this recorded webinar where our experts show you how proactive job monitoring, notification, and control with Robot Monitor can really save your butt when things go bad. You’ll learn how to:

  • Set up monitoring for database requests: QZDASOINIT, QRWTSRVR, etc.
  • Bring visibility to SQL requests that are hammering your system
  • Watch for long-running batch jobs and other batch issues slowing down throughput
  • Set up notification for jobs consuming too much CPU
  • Report on historical job and subsystem performance
  • Reduce run priority for offending jobs or hold them automatically

Don’t let QZDASOINIT jobs put a stranglehold on system resources while you fly blind. Get to the bottom of job performance issues faster with Robot Monitor.

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