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What's Your RPA Approach?

Front-of-Glass vs. Back-of-Glass Automation
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April 3, 2019


As your business starts to automate processes you’ve probably encountered the terms “front-of-glass” and “back-of-glass,” which refer to different ways to approach automation. What do they mean? And, even more importantly, what do they mean for your organization?

Basically, front-of-glass takes care of things like website data scraping, running Microsoft Access reports, anything where you see a cursor moving on the screen. Back-of-glass can run SQL queries and send results to a spreadsheet, send files via FTP, monitor inboxes and process attachments, anything that takes places behind the screen.

Watch on-demand Pat Cameron and Richard Schoen as they unpack what each term means and the problems each approach solves. They’ll talk through:

  • Benefits and challenges of both approaches
  • Strategies for when to use each
  • Some real-life examples
  • How Automate can work its magic front-of-glass or back-of-glass

Learn what RPA approach best fits your organization today.

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