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What Is Your Data Trying to Tell You?

How to bring business data together to tell a complete story, no matter your SQL experience


Being able to use the data that your business collects daily on IBM i and across the organization on other business platforms is key to moving your business forward. Telling stories with that data does not have to be complex and challenging. In fact, it’s simple with Sequel Data Access software!

Watch as our expert shows you how Sequel helps IT to translate and deliver lots of data from different sources into clear and actionable stories. You’ll learn: 

  • How to easily create views and dashboards combining business data across IBM i Db2 databases and Windows databases
  • See the different options you can use to deploy the objects and views to users via Sequel
  • How to quickly get started telling stories with your live data 

Sequel’s easy-to-use interface makes users more self-sufficient by removing the need to do coding. Sequel also uses live business data, so there’s no need for the IT team to build complex data warehouses. That means faster, more informed decisions for business users and improved overall performance and productivity across your organization!

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