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What Happens When IBM i Enters the Windows World

How Robot enterprise scheduling extends advanced automation to the other operating systems in your environment
IBM i, Windows
April 27, 2017


IBM i does not exist in a vacuum. In most modern data centers, IBM i servers stand next to Windows servers, passing data back and forth and sharing the workflows that keep business running. Even if your IBM i environment is 100% automated, you stand to lose that control when you step into the Windows world.

No matter which platform your data comes from, your goal remains the same: accurate and efficient processing above all else. You know automation can get you there, if there were only a way to extend your tools onto another operating system. Lucky for you, there is!

In this 30-minute session, our automation experts will demonstrate how Robot Schedule and its enterprise extension help you manage Windows workflows and more from IBM i, including:

  • Triggering complex tasks such as report balancing
  • Establishing job and file event dependencies across platforms
  • Entering correct parameter values
  • Fitting a process into daily, weekly, or monthly cycles
  • Ending on-call headaches and firefighting

It’s time to synchronize scheduling across your servers, integrate your business applications, and take the word “manual” out of your computer processing. Watch now to see how Robot puts cross-platform control back in your hands.

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