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The Virtualization Blind Spot

How to monitor your virtualized IBM i environment with Robot Monitor
April 10, 2018


The virtualized Power server is well-established, with nearly 75% of businesses running multiple partitions. There are many reasons to do partitioning, including isolating access to data from a security standpoint, sharing system resources, replication, HA/DR, data warehousing, and more.

All this virtualization makes it hard for us to keep an eye on everything that’s happening on our servers.

In this recorded webinar, our experts introduce you to a single tool that makes it simple for you to watch multiple instances of IBM i and VIOS and the workloads running there. Watch now to see how you can get:

  • Real-time workload insight
  • Proactive thresholds to replace reactive checklists
  • Notification on your preferred mobile device
  • Customizable dashboards for NOC awareness

With the additional virtualization capabilities promised in POWER9, having a powerful monitoring tool in place is paramount.

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