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Viably IBM i for ERP

10 Signs Your ERP Vendor Is Viably i


Selecting an ERP package is no small task. Your decision will stand for decades and must be the right fit in terms of function, vendor capability, and implementation cost.

In today’s world economy, IBM i is where your business applications need to run because of security and total cost of ownership, but selecting an ERP package that runs on IBM i involves some specific considerations in order to make it viably i.

Ross Freeman and Gary Erickson from Infor join Tom Huntington from HelpSystems for this 30-minute recorded webinar. Listen in on their conversation to learn the 10 signs that show your ERP vendor can provide IBM i viability, including:

  • Going beyond the traditional core ERP
  • SMAC strategy (social, mobile, analytics, and cloud)
  • Cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployment
  • Cross-platform considerations
  • Size and scalability
  • Skills vs. resources
  • Relationship moving forward

Your ERP decision could make or break your company, so it’s essential to get it right the first time. This expert panel has seen bad ERP decisions nearly wipe out organizations, so if you’re considering an ERP change or questioning why IBM i, don’t miss this!

Can’t Live with ERP, Can’t Live without ERP

HelpSystems understands that you’re heavily invested in your ERP system, likely having written it from scratch or customized it almost beyond recognition. We can help you identify the low-hanging fruit—like automation and modernization—that can make your organization love your existing ERP system instead of losing it.

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