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Unattended Computer Operations in the Banking Industry



Running your core banking applications on IBM i? Let’s appraise your situation: downtime is unacceptable, consistent processing required, lots of regulations, customers must not see problems first, not enough staff, not enough time…

Sound familiar?

When it comes to banking, there are clear benefits to investing in automated operations. Just imagine an automated environment with all the benefits Robot systems management solutions can provide:  

  • 24/7 unattended operations automating reports, running queries, and transferring files on IBM i and Windows, UNIX, or Linux
  • No more submission errors from batch, interactive, or distributed jobs
  • Customized operations rules for answering messages, monitoring resources, disk space cleanup, backups, and more
  • No more manual checklists
  • A modern graphical interface to monitoring and scheduling tools

Watch this one-hour webinar to hear from our experts and Jim Sweeney at Hills Bank who solved these issues for his business with Robot. Plus, see how banks running Jack Henry, Fiserv, and other banking applications are doing the same.

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