On-Demand Webinar

Leveraging SQL for IBM i Administration

How IBM i Services and SQL Plan Cache team up with real-time monitoring to tame the SQL beast


Db2 on IBM i is a fantastic platform for SQL. In fact, almost all the latest Db2 enhancements have been to further improve SQL performance and capabilities. That’s great news for developer and system administrator productivity…

But not all SQL requests—internal or external—are created equal. Some can even bring your system to its knees. It’s time to tame the SQL beast!

Watch this recorded webinar where HelpSystems experts show you how to analyze and monitor SQL activity and leverage SQL for IBM i administration. You’ll learn how to:

  • Use IBM i SQL-based services to gather data quickly
  • Explore the SQL Plan Cache snapshot
  • Tailor monitoring for QZDASOINIT and QZDASSINIT jobs
  • Bring real-time visibility to the SQL statement and IP address of offending jobs
  • Add user-defined SQL statements to Robot Monitor custom application analysis

You’ll also see a live demonstration of Robot Monitor software highlighting its real-time monitoring and notification capabilities.

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It’s time to tame the SQL beast!

Learn how Robot Monitor helps you take a proactive approach to system threats by resolving problems before they impact performance and productivity. Request a live demonstration and we’ll show you.

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