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Turbocharge Your ERP with Integrated Document Management

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Your ERP system —whether it’s JDE World, Enterprise One, Infor, Epicor, Microsoft Dynamics, VAI, or anything else—is essential to maintaining your company’s key business information. But what happens to all the paper and electronic documents your company receives, generates, files and distributes? Imagine a world where capturing, managing and accessing your important documents is a mouse click or button push away. 

Getting approvals for purchase orders, accounts payable invoices, or security reports is difficult. Data entry is slowing down your employees and keeping them from more important tasks. And manually filing reports and documents and managing all of that paper is a drag on your team’s productivity. As a result, it’s hard to please vendors and customers who don’t want to be kept waiting while you find a document.

These time-consuming processes don’t have to be your way of life any longer. There’s a way to capture and process key ERP information—without the paper or the hassle.

In this educational webinar, our experts will introduce you to the world of document management and process automation. You’ll learn how to:

  • Integrate a document management system with your ERP
  • Capture all of your documents in one central repository
  • Improve customer, vendor, and employee response times
  • Accomplish more work without adding additional staff

Watch the webinar now to learn the ways in which your company can save time, money, and office space by implementing integrated electronic document management.


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