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Time to Terminate Manual 5250 Tasks

Automate interactive processes in your green screen IBM i applications with Robot Replay


Your staff is getting tired (or possibly retired) of executing the checklist of manual IBM i tasks for the green screen. Do you really want to train in another operator when the current operator decides to hang up the keyboard and take up golf full time?

Don’t worry, there’s a way to integrate the manual tasks with your batch automation.

Learn how to integrate interactive green screen (5250) processes with your batch processes without program modifications. Robot Replay, the interactive automation plug-in to Robot Schedule, makes your life easier by handling tasks you didn’t know you could automate:

  • “Record” manual interactive tasks
  • Automate field-level input with Robot Schedule variables
  • Add them to Robot Schedule job streams

Robot Replay has helped our customers automate interactive tasks required by Infor ERP XA and LX, Infinium, Oracle JD Edwards World, and countless custom applications on IBM i.

In this 30-minute recorded webinar, you’ll see a demo of Robot Replay and hear a customer share their strategy for including interactive process automation into their batch processing.

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