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Help Your Tech-Driven School Thrive with Network Monitoring

Windows, Linux, Mac OSX
May 23, 2018


Today’s schools feature many of the latest consumer tech gadgets for staff and students who live and breathe technology as an increasing part of daily learning activity. In fact, Statistic Brain Research Institute released data in 2017 showing 84% of schools have high-speed internet, 54% offer a wireless network, and 59% use laptops. Schools are also increasingly adopting 1:1 student-laptop/tablet programs to ensure each child has access to the appropriate resources.

While all this technology advances learning in new ways, the expanded networks needed to support it have had a big impact on the IT professionals trying to monitor and optimize infrastructures. All of this points to a growing need for expertise and new solutions in EdTech. 

Intermapper gives tech-driven schools the power to enact critical safeguards for ever-expanding networks. It enables your infrastructure to be flexible and evolve over time as new technologies come into play.

Watch this webinar discussion to discover:
•    The role and value of network monitoring 
•    Best Practices
•    Ways to gain buy-in for funding
•    Real-world case studies

Staying ahead of new requirements in EdTech is no small task. Watch this webinar to learn how to stay ahead of the game with monitoring technology that gets an A+.

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