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System Sizing for IBM Power Systems Servers

How to use Performance Navigator for capacity and performance analysis


According to the 2020 IBM i Marketplace Survey Results, nearly 60 percent of IBM i shops plan to upgrade their hardware or software this year—but that’s not the only reason you might need to reevaluate your server capacity.

Perhaps you’re consolidating IBM i, AIX, and Linux VMs. Or possibly your boss requested an analysis on whether to run Linux on Power or Intel. Maybe you’re building a business case for the cloud or adopting GPU or another new technology and you’re not sure how it will impact capacity.

Don’t miss this webinar where our experts introduce you to Performance Navigator, the preferred tool for system sizing and capacity planning on IBM’s Power platform. Trusted by thousands of organizations and technology partners each year, you’ll learn how Performance Navigator can help you:

  • Size your next POWER8 or POWER9 hardware purchase
  • Determine internal and external disk configurations
  • Interpret IBM’s Collection Services and/or NMON data
  • Analyze difficult performance situations
  • Evaluate VIOS, SAN, PowerHA, or other new technologies

System sizing barely scratches the surface of what Performance Navigator has to offer. Get the whole story her—directly from the capacity and performance analysis expert himself: Randy Watson.

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Can you size your next Power server with confidence?

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