Stop Re-keying Data Between IBM i and Other Applications

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Stop Re-keying Data Between IBM i and Other Applications

IBM i, Windows
Get started with data automation.
January 13, 2017



Still following manual processes for extracting and transferring data across platforms? You’re not alone. Many business still depend on RPG for their daily business processes and report generation. And that leads to a lot of manual effort.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stop re-keying data between IBM i and other applications? Or if you could stop replicating data and start processing orders faster? Or what if you could automatically extract data from existing reports instead of re-keying?

It’s all possible. Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • The data dilemma
  • 3 ways to stop re-keying data
  • Data automation in practice

Plus, you’ll see a demonstration of how data automation software from HelpSystems will help you finally stop re-keying data.

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