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Stay Connected to Your Network with Remote Monitoring

How multi-location businesses, consultants, and MSPs can increase uptime
September 20, 2016


Does your IT team monitor a network that’s distributed across office buildings, campuses, or cities? Many network professionals need to extend their monitoring capabilities beyond a single server or office. Whether you’re a global organization with remote sites, an IT consultant, or a managed service provider (MSP) serving clients in many locations, remote network access could simplify your life and help you improve uptime for the networks you monitor.

If you’re new to network monitoring or just curious about the benefits of remote monitoring functionality for your business, this webinar is for you. Join us for the final event in our webinar series on the 8 Challenges of Network Monitoring as Technical Solutions Consultant Kevin Jackson covers:

  • The challenge of monitoring diverse networks 
  • 5 benefits of remote monitoring
  • How to find the right software tool

Find out how remote server monitoring software can help eliminate the inconvenience often associated with monitoring remote sites. Click play to watch the full recorded presentation at your convenience.

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Ready to start monitoring remotely?

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