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SQL-Based Monitoring with Robot Monitor

Custom monitoring for everything and the kitchen sink


IT teams must do their part to protect the business by catching issues before they impact revenue streams. Many monitoring solutions do an excellent job of keeping track of what’s happening on the operating system, but they fail to reveal statuses within specific, business-critical applications.

Customized monitoring through user-supplied SQL statements brings real-time visibility to any value, in any field, in any record, in any file, in any library, in any application running on IBM i and makes it easy to integrate data from ERP, warehouse, banking, and other line-of-business applications into your monitoring.

In this recorded webinar, the monitoring experts at HelpSystems show practical examples of how you can use SQL-based monitoring to gain unprecedented insight into your application and systems. You’ll learn:

  • How to configure SQL-based data definitions
  • How to leverage the Robot Monitor real-time display, threshold notification, and graphical reporting for SQL-based data definitions
  • How to tune SQL-based monitoring for performance
  • How to access IBM-supplied DB2 catalogs and SQL services

Extend system monitoring to the business by applying proactive, SQL-based monitoring to your critical applications running on IBM i. Watch the on-demand webinar today!

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