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Signing Documents Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard

IBM i, Windows
April 15, 2016


Too many businesses still manually generate, collate, and print documents—only to then track down a signature (by hand) and manually file that document in a paper filing cabinet or scan it into a back-end filing or document management system. In the manufacturing and distribution industry, this frequently occurs with order documents, shipment documents, bills of lading, invoices, and so on.

This series of manual processes is incredibly inefficient. If your company automates the process by creating an electronic document that can be digitally signed, automatically printed, and electronically filed, you’ll cut out several wasteful steps and improve auditability! At the same time, you’ll make it easier for customer service to find documents at the request of customers or vendors and resolve issues in no time.

In this webinar, Richard Schoen, Director of Document Management, and Greg Schmidt, Senior Technical Solutions Consultant discuss how easy it is to speed up your processes with electronic signature capture. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create and stage documents for automated signature capture
  • Integrate signing into your business applications
  • Auto-file signed documents immediately
  • And more!

Our experts will show you how implementing document signature capture will eliminate paper, reduce costs, and streamline your organization’s data capture and forms management efforts.


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