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Sequel Client Tables (a.k.a. Pivot Tables on Steroids)

March 2, 2021


End users want to be able to manipulate, sort, and drill into their data as they please. That’s why we developed Client Tables in Sequel Viewpoint. Client Tables are powerful online analytical processing (OLAP) tools that provide fast calculation, drilldown, pivoting, and other useful functions. 

With the easy-to-use Client Table design wizard and your teams existing Sequel view building skills, Client Tables are simple for IT to create and manage and provide the analytical power and flexibility that users need to let their data to the talking.

During this training-focused webinar, our product expert walks you through a step-by-step approach on how to get the most out of Client Tables in Sequel software. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create Client Tables using the Client Table wizard tool
  • Manipulate data within Client Table views
  • Highlight and mark key data points
  • Teach users how to perform highly interactive data mining and analysis

This webinar is a unique opportunity to hear how Client Tables in Sequel Viewpoint can empower your users to answers your company’s most pressing and complex business intelligence questions.

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