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Security in the IBM i Marketplace: Overcome Your Challenges

February 22, 2018


Cybersecurity is a top concern for 72 percent of IBM i professionals, according to the latest IBM i Marketplace Survey. And yet many organizations have no plans to implement basic security controls like malware protection, exit point security, and database encryption.

These controls would make a significant impact on an organization’s overall security posture—so what’s holding people back?

The old roadblocks—lack of budget, management who underestimate security risks—are less of an issue in 2018. Today, the IBM i community faces different challenges:

  • Lack of cybersecurity skills
  • Evolving threats
  • Struggle to balance security controls with business efficiency

These challenges are not impossible, but they do require innovative solutions. Watch this on-webinar with world-renowned IBM i security expert Robin Tatam to learn what you can do to overcome your IBM i security challenges and meet today’s threats head-on.

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