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Security Alert: Expert Uncovers the “Dirty Little Secret” of IBM i Security



Organizations worldwide are reeling from shocking revelations that one of the most reputable enterprise servers is actually preconfigured in a dangerously high-risk state. 

Perimeter controls are failing as hackers and rogue employees invisibly exploit weaknesses from the inside out. Have you taken all of the corrective steps needed to guard against a breach of IBM i? Most organizations haven’t. 

Sharpen your skills as you watch an IBM i industry veteran and ISACA-certified audit manager reveal numerous areas of risk and misconfiguration during a recorded security showdown.

This recorded webinar will give you a greater awareness of:

  • Security system values, including newer values like QPWDRULES
  • How users can access data and commands from PCs
  • How well user credentials are controlled and secured
  • Who has administrator privileges (hint: it’s not just admins)
  • How much corporate data basic users can access
  • What events can be recorded (and which are typically missed)


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