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Security and Audit Report Sign-Off—Made Easy

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Security is critical to your organization and you’ve likely already implemented security software to audit, secure, and automate your systems. You probably get security and audit reports from your security software—which is great—but are your reports ready if the auditors come calling?

Once you have a security or audit report, you need to get it approved by key parties. This often means manually printing, signing, and routing the report. When your report is finally approved, you then have to manually file it or scan it back into your system. As a result, the process takes far too much time and introduces plenty of opportunity for error—or lost reports. And, if the auditors come calling when that happens, it might spell trouble for your business.

But these time-consuming and risky report review and approval processes don’t have to be your way of life any longer.

In this educational webinar, our experts will show you how to safely and easily manage your security document approval processes. You’ll learn how to:

  • Capture all of your security and audit documents in one secure, central repository
  • Launch security, audit, and other documents into an automated review process
  • Prove to the auditors that you’re in compliance

By the end of the webinar, you’ll learn the ways that your company can save time, money, and real estate by automating your security and audit report processes.


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