On-Demand Webinar

The Secret to Speedy Remediation

Cut remediation time from hours to minutes with automation. Here’s how.
April 5, 2018


There are only so many hours in a day. Don’t spend them manually restarting failed services or devices. Learn how to cut your remediation time from hours to minutes thanks to our network automation tool.

In this 30-minute webinar, you'll learn how to easily create Intermapper alerts to trigger Automate commands so that critical infrastructures issues get fixed right away, no manual intervention required. If you’re new to one or both tools, we’ll give you a quick overview of their main features and benefits, plus a live demonstration of how they work together. You’ll see how automating mundane network management tasks can make you more efficient, help you easily meet SLAs, and restore precious hours back to your day.

Want to Fix Network Issues Faster?

Find out how combining network monitoring with the power of automation can save you substantial time, and try it free for 30 days. 

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