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SCSI Is Dead, Long Live SAN

Using Storage Area Networks in IBM i Environments


According to the 2015 IBM i Marketplace Survey, only 17 percent of respondents are using external disk or storage area networks (SAN) with IBM i, but SAN is here to stay and will likely be the default storage mechanism of the future.

A good understanding of the practical uses for SAN will help virtualize IBM i and enable the server for on-premises and MSP clouds. SAN is also an important player in high availability and can help companies of all sizes increase speed and scalability and control costs.

As data storage needs increase, SAN technology delivers greater flexibility. Join us as Chris Bremer, Chief Technology Officer at DSI, leads this 30-minute informational session on what SAN is and how it works.

Watch this recorded webinar to learn:

  • Industry trends leading to the development of SAN technology
  • Practical uses for SAN technology in your current environment
  • Configuration considerations, including fibre channels, cabling, and protocols
  • Tools for monitoring and analyzing SAN disk storage trends
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