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Save 5 Hours a Day by Integrating RPG to SQL Server, Excel, and Other Databases

IBM i, Windows
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Many businesses still use RPG-based business systems on IBM i to drive their daily processes. To be successful, these core applications need to create, update, and consume data from databases—including SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL—as well as Microsoft Excel. But too often, this means users have to resort to re-keying data.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your online order database hosted on Windows or Linux could easily update information in your IBM i systems—without extra work from you? Or if you could create an interactive IBM i 5250 application that displays data from an SQL Server query on the same screen as info from your IBM i business database?

Watch the webinar to learn more about using real-time information from any database or Excel file with RPG2SQL Integrator.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Read and write database records from a SQL Server table
  • Create an interactive 5250 app that uses live SQL Server data
  • Use CL commands to import or export Excel data for processing
  • Read and write Excel rows and columns from an RPG program in real-time

Plus, you’ll see just how easily RPG2SQL Integrator can enable your RPG developers to incorporate live cross-platform data into their native IBM i applications in mere minutes.

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