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RPA Success Story: How Carter Bank & Trust Achieved 3,800% ROI with RPA

February 27, 2020


Carter Bank & Trust was spending far too much time on error-prone, manual tasks. As a growing community bank, they were determined to spend less time on routine processes, and more time providing excellent service for their customers.

That’s why they turned to robotic process automation (RPA) software from HelpSystems—and achieved a 3,800% ROI in just five months.

Find out how Matt Speare, CIO of Carter Bank & Trust, has saved over $1 million dollars in less than a year with RPA. In this on-demand webinar, hosted by Paul Necklen, Director of RPA Technology at HelpSystems, they discuss:

  • The situation that led Carter Bank & Trust to find a better way to work
  • Best practices for getting buy in, implementing an RPA solution, and tracking results
  • Why they chose Automate and share a live demo of RPA in action

Watch today to see for yourself how Carter Bank & Trust automated over 75 manual tasks and saw rapid success with RPA.

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