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RPA Success Stories: How Companies are Streamlining IT and Business Processes with RPA

May 19, 2020


When a company has tedious tasks to accomplish, such as moving thousands of files, generating daily reports, or moving large amounts of data from legacy systems, they often lean on manual and error-prone processes. Robotic process automation (RPA) can be an impactful solution to help streamline these workflows with the help of software bots.

Benjamin Korper, co-founder of Korper ICT, has helped hundreds of clients with their RPA strategy, and he’s sharing two customer success stories, in banking and in healthcare, on how they successfully utilized RPA. Watch him in conversation with Paul Necklen, Director of RPA Technology, and Donnie MacColl, Director of Technical Services at HelpSystems, as they discuss:

  • The benefits of RPA and how it can help your business
  • How SNS Bank is using RPA to streamline file movement
  • How the Medical Center Leeuwarden is using RPA to seamlessly migrate data to a new system

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