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RPA in the Real World: Center of Excellence RPA Success Stories

Building Your Automation Center of Excellence Part 3
See scalable enterprise automation in action
January 29, 2019


This is part three of a three-part webinar series, Building Your Automation Center of Excellence. 

You’ve learned about crafting automation strategies and laying the foundation for your center of excellence. Now see real life RPA success stories of teams that have moved beyond tactical robotic process automation (RPA). In this 30-minute webinar, RPA expert Pat Cameron dives into three unique RPA success stories from the field, covering:

  • How each organization established their automation center of excellence
  • Common pitfalls and barriers to expect
  • Results and expectations

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Watch Part 2: The First Steps in Building Scalable RPA Infrastructure

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Interested in learning more about how to create an automation center of excellence and have your own RPA success story? Read the Business Leader's Handbook for Creating a Center of Excellence.

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