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Roundtable: Have You Heard This IBM i Horror Story?

Experts share scary customer stories that surprised them and the solution


There are lots of ways your system can scare you. And the experts at HelpSystems have seen them all. From operations oopsies to security snafus, this team speaks with hundreds of IBM i customers every year and nothing surprises them anymore…or does it?

Watch this hair-raising hour where our expert panel shares real-life horror stories heard from customers sites around the world—anonymously, of course. You’ll learn what happened and how the customer fixed the problem, so you don’t repeat their mistakes. For example:

  • One customer caught hackers attacking their system from the outside
  • Another went from internal to external storage and all hell broke lose
  • A car accident elsewhere turned HQ into a crime scene, and no one could access IBM i

There’s safety in numbers, so let’s come together to keep your IBM i safe and sound.

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