On-Demand Webinar

Robot Schedule for Beginners

Get your keys to the Cadillac of job scheduling software for IBM i


Robot Schedule is a staple in thousands of IBM i data centers. As IT pros move from company to company, they request Robot Schedule by name. Why? Robot Schedule reliably runs complex business and system processes every day—making life much easier for operators and developers—and provides the accuracy businesses require for night processing.

With a powerful tool like this in your tech stack, you want to make sure that newcomers on your team understand how it works to maximize its value. Here’s your chance!

During this webinar, we offered the rare opportunity to learn what every beginner should know about Robot Schedule directly from the product experts. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a job in Robot Schedule
  • Use calendaring—a favorite feature for many!
  • Set up dependencies
  • Distribute business reports
  • And more!

Whether you’ve had Robot Schedule on your team for a month, a year, or a decade, always ask yourself and your team: Can we automate this? With Robot Schedule, you can—and you should!

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When you have Robot, you always have a friend.

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