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The Real Deal with Capacity Planning on Power

How to prove true value to your business through art and science


While capacity planning for IBM Power Systems is not new, the culture around it has changed over the years. It used to be common for organizations to have an in-house expert dedicated to analyzing current server capacity and forecasting when resources would run out for their on-premises data center.

Today, this is rare. Most IBM i shops now rely on outside experts to ensure their IT infrastructure can support business needs. And many have a hybrid cloud environment with on-prem and hosted servers, increasing the complexity of capacity considerations.

During this recorded webinar, our experts discuss the impact of this culture shift on the art of capacity planning and the importance of establishing another shift toward a culture of proof. You’ll learn:

  • Why capacity planning is still relevant in the modern era
  • How to get started with capacity planning
  • Ways to take advantage of the IBM i Solution Edition program

There’s no denying that Power servers are, well, powerful, but can you save time and money both now and in the long term by simply opting for a bigger, newer model? When it comes to capacity, it pays to plan.

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