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Quick and Easy IBM i Disk Space Management



You try to keep disk storage under control, but usage went up 25 percent since last week and 5 percent in the past hour! You run PRTDSKINF, DSPFD, RGZPFM and waste time searching the system for unused objects. You wonder, “How can I stop this unending cycle of housekeeping?”

Robot Space solves the mystery of where your disk space is going and makes cleanup a breeze.

During this webinar, we’ll help you tackle disk storage headaches like these, and more!

  • Seeing what’s growing or just growing old in your IFS
  • Comparing disk usage today to that of yesterday, last week, last month
  • Finding what’s new or recently restored to your system
  • Monitoring, controlling, and alerting for job QTEMP and temporary storage usage

Studies show that the amount of data stored worldwide will grow by 4,300 percent within 7 years. 80 percent of that growth is on enterprise servers like your IBM i. If you want to be prepared to manage that kind of big data, watch today!

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