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Putting the Brakes on Organic Disk Growth

How Far IBM i Will Take You and Where Halcyon Can Help


All businesses experience disk usage growth, and whether your data is on-site, in the cloud, or a combination of the two, your data ultimately has reside somewhere.

With experts estimating year-on-year growth up to 50 percent, can you identify what’s causing your organic growth or which user, activity, or application is responsible for a sudden surge in usage?

The IBM i operating system comes with built-in features that provide a great foundation for tracking disk space usage. Halcyon builds on this by providing monitoring tools that enable you to pinpoint exactly what changed, when it changed, and by how much.

In this 30-minute on-demand webinar, our experts help you understand the data management features included in IBM i free of charge. You’ll also learn how you can use Halcyon to:

  • Identify and alert on unexpected growth spurts
  • Map historical growth and use it to spot trends
  • Customize and automate reporting
  • Centralize disk management in a Windows Explorer-like interface

This presentation showcases both the tools included with the IBM i operating system and the Halcyon solution that can provide you with the knowledge you need to tackle organic and non-organic disk usage growth in your business.

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