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Privileged Access Management for Linux, UNIX, and AIX Professionals

UNIX, Linux, AIX
March 28, 2018


Managing privileged access has real consequences for your cybersecurity posture, but air-tight security isn’t practical if IT isn’t equipped with the right tools to automate it.

Core Privileged Access Manager (BoKS) allows organizations to protect their systems and data with a single solution that delivers granular security controls, automated workflows, and enables limitless scalability.

Specifically designed for Linux, UNIX and AIX environments, Core Privileged Access Manager (BoKS) is the preferred PAM solution among IT professionals who understand the benefits of working with software that works the way their environments are intended to operate.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about how to manage the right access to the right information across your Linux, UNIX and AIX environment, and discover how to:

  • Simplify your ability to enforce security policies
  • Control access to critical systems and information
  • Proactively prevent internal and external attacks before they start
  • Meet compliance regulations by architecting security into your deployment from the start
  • Achieve your security goals with the existing staff you have

You’ll also learn how Core Privileged Access Manager (BoKS) can turn your hybrid Linux/UNIX environment into one centrally managed security domain.

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