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Practical Examples of Using IBM i Authority Collection: Updated for V7R4

May 27, 2020


Trying to remove *ALLOBJ from a service account, developer, or other profile but don’t want to break something in the process? Want to determine where someone is getting authority from? Baffled on how to resolve an authority failure? Anxious to determine who is using a file containing confidential information?

Authority Collection is the answer! Introduced in V7R3 and enhanced significantly in V7R4, Authority Collection takes the guesswork out of securing your system by documenting exactly what authority is required by the operating system to perform a task or to access a specific object. 

During this session, you'll learn how Authority Collection works in both V7R3 and V7R4 and then provide examples of how to use it to answer the questions above and more. Join us to hear practical advice on how to use this very powerful feature of IBM i.

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