On-Demand Webinar

Practical Examples of Using IBM i Authority Collection

November 29, 2018


Trying to remove *ALLOBJ from a service account, developer, or other profile but don’t want to break something in the process? Want to determine where someone is getting authority from? Baffled on how to resolve an authority failure?

Get answers to these questions and others as Carol Woodbury describes Authority Collection, powerful new feature designed to remove or avoid excess authority.

With Authority Collection, you can determine exactly how much authority is required and where authority is coming from. Carol will provide practical examples of using Authority Collection to:

  • Do investigation so *ALLOBJ can be removed safely
  • Determine exactly how much authority must be granted to perform a specific task
  • Discover where authority is coming from (e.g., private authority, a group, an authorization list, adopted authority, etc.)
  • Debug authority failures

Join this in-depth discussion on this very cool feature of IBM i V7R3!

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