On-Demand Webinar

Powertech Event Manager Feature Tour

UNIX, Linux, AIX
May 16, 2019


Organizations today collect more security data than ever. While many of these security events are benign, truly critical alerts require urgent attention in order to prevent damage to an IT infrastructure from an insider threat or an external attack. Powertech Event Manager is a powerful SIEM solution that gathers, analyzes, and presents information from assets across your environment, providing real time monitoring and threat escalation so that security teams can provide a rapid and robust response.

Watch this in-depth feature tour with Bob Erdman, Security Product Manager, to see how Powertech Event Manager combats alert fatigue and translates data into actionable intelligence, allowing security teams to stay ahead of the curve.

Some of the features that will be highlighted include:

  • Real time threat prioritization
  • Normalized language for meaningful interpretation
  • Integration with third party applications
  • Event correlation for in depth forensic analysis
  • Logging and customized reporting for regulation compliance
How can Powertech Event Manager help your organization?

Find out exactly how Powertech Event Manager can serve your organization by reading our use case guide.

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