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POWER9 Power Hour

IBM and HelpSystems share Power tech specs and trends in 60 minutes
October 24, 2018


In late 2017 and throughout 2018, IBM rolled out various 900-class servers using the latest POWER9 processor. The most powerful processor from IBM to date, POWER9 is designed to handle the demands of doing business in today’s high-tech atmosphere, including running cloud applications, supporting big data, and managing AI workloads.

But what does POWER9 mean for your data center?

Join Tom Huntington and IBM’s Joe Armstrong for a discussion on why POWER9 technology is the right strategic investment if you run IBM i, AIX, or Linux. In this action-packed hour, Tom shares trends from the IBM i and AIX user communities while Joe dives into the tech specs for key hardware, including:

  • Scale-out 922, 914 and 924 models
  • Scale-up 950 and 980 models
  • POWER9 GPU technology
  • Open Power models

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