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People and Processes for Automation Best Practices

Building Your Automation Center of Excellence Part 1
Windows, Linux, Mac OSX
See scalable enterprise automation in action
January 15, 2019


This is part one of a three-part webinar series, Building Your Automation Center of Excellence.

You may be transitioning to a digital workforce, but your human team is still the key to a successful transformation. Putting together the right cross-functional operations team lays the foundation for your automation center of excellence. In this on-demand webinar, automation expert Pat Cameron tackles the following topics:

  • Understanding the COE concept
  • Which roles, responsibilities, and skills are critical on the core team
  • Capturing and prioritizing automation candidates
  • Identifying the right approaches for automation

Walk away with the ideas, strategies, and tools you need to start building your RPA center of excellence team.

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