Overcoming the IBM i Knowledge Gap | Webinar
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Overcoming the IBM i Knowledge Gap

What to Do When Your IBM i Talent Retires


You’ve been managing your AS/400…iSeries…System i…IBM i…for more years than you care to admit. Now, you’re looking toward that second career mowing grass on the golf course full-time, a.k.a. retirement!

According to the IBM i Marketplace Survey Results, handling IBM i skills depletion has appeared in the top three concerns for IBM i shops for the past two years. You have no desire to see the smooth-running operations you’ve put into place fall to pieces, but who’s going to fill your shoes?

Has your organization even considered what needs to happen before you say, “Hasta la vista, baby?”

In this 30-minute recorded webinar, our IBM i experts discuss the options available for managing operations before and after the IBM i talent retires. We’ll make suggestions for a smooth transition to your new operations strategy, including:

  • Educational initiatives that can be put into place
  • The new mindset for hiring
  • Best practices for doing more with less staff
  • Automation and monitoring to augment operations
  • Integration of IBM i into the infrastructure
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