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Overcome Data Challenges with Sequel Data Warehouse and Sequel

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Learn how Sequel Data Warehouse can help you integrate, prepare, and cleanse your data, and how Sequel can easily access the data warehouse, delivering reliable information to end users when and how they need it.

In this 45-minute webinar, we'll follow an organization’s typical path into business intelligence. You'll see the challenges you are likely to face, as well as the solutions that will set you up to be incredibly successful.

  • Recognize the pitfalls to avoid and see how Sequel Data Warehouse solves them
  • See how Sequel allows you to present and distribute the information in a timely, meaningful way
  • Understand why these two components are a winning combination for IBM i customers

Armed with this knowledge, you can join the ranks of successful organizations that have made the most of their investment in BI technology and are reaping the benefits every day.


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