On-Demand Webinar

Optimize Your Cloud Capacity

Solaris, Windows, UNIX, Linux, AIX
May 17, 2018


Capacity may be infinite in the cloud, but your budget isn’t. Since you pay for what you use in the public cloud, you should constantly be monitoring and optimizing your workloads.

How do you keep cloud costs down? Watch this webinar to learn how to improve your total cost of ownership.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Find inefficiencies so you can decommission or right-size your cloud capacity
  • Combine historical patterns and business forecasts to predict future demand
  • Predict impact of forecasted demand
  • Identify “opportunity cost” for different cloud provisioning models
Ready to Make Optimizing Easier?

Controlling IT costs, avoiding risks, and aligning with business values are musts for IT organizations today. 

And Vityl Capacity Management can help, with components focused on capacity planning, performance monitoring, IT analytics, and more. 

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