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Operations on IBM i: Where Do I Start?

How to overcome the operations obstacle when your IBM i talent retires


If the IBM i expert on your IT team is retiring soon, you may soon find yourself up the operations creek without a paddle.

Maybe you’ll get tossed into the IBM i environment for the first time. Maybe you’ll be in charge of trying to teach a new recruit how processes have “always been done” at your business. Maybe you’re not ready to retire quite yet and want to brush up your skills on this OS.

Let the IBM i experts at HelpSystems be your guide. During this 45-minute recorded webinar, we’ll help you ensure that operations are covered, no matter what happens at your company. Both first-timers and old hands will benefit from a few new tricks on where to get started with these essential areas:

  • Job management and subsystems
  • Memory management and allocation
  • Report management
  • System message handling
  • User profile creation and control
  • Commands and menus

We’ll also steer you toward additional, detailed resources so you can build a reference library while you’re flexing those IBM i muscles. Watch today—we’ll help you get your feet wet.

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