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The Ongoing Truth About Viruses on Linux

September 19, 2019


The belief that Linux is immune to malware has now been thoroughly dismissed, with Linux increasingly becoming a more popular, lucrative target. But how did we get to this point? What has made Linux systems so desirable to threat actors? Given how many organizations rely on Linux and its many unique capabilities, it’s vital to ask and explore these questions.  

Join noted security expert, Bob Erdman, for the answers to these queries and more with a deep dive into Linux malware, including: 

  • The evolution of targeted attacks against Linux  

  • The current virus, malware, and ransomware profile mix targeting Linux today 

  • The impact Windows viruses can have on your Linux environment 

  • Best practices for protecting your critical Linux environment 

As threat actors continue to shift their strategies, organizations must learn to continually reassess the threat landscape. This webinar focuses on providing an action plan to ensure your Linux environment is properly bolstered against attacks.  

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