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Monitoring the Top IT Security Threats of 2017

Protect your organization against IT security threats in 2017
March 14, 2017


2016 was another record year for IT security threats, with election hacking, massive data breaches, ransomware, and new vulnerabilities such as with the Internet-of-Things making big news. 2017 promises to ramp up these threats to epic levels, potentially costing unprepared businesses billions of dollars in lost productivity and direct financial losses.

A common thread through last year’s disastrous events has been the failure of organizations to even detect security compromises, let alone prevent them. Enterprise security monitoring is a known art, with hundreds of solutions in the marketplace, but IT technologists have a hard time knowing where to start. In this on-demand webinar, IT security experts Mel Beckman and Robin Tatam will update you on the latest threats and give you a practical strategy for improving your security monitoring stance in the coming year.

  • Why ransomware continues to increase, and ways to prevent it 
  • Telltale signs of insider attacks and how to uncover them
  • Ways to sense and block the most common user-induced security breaches 
  • Quick and inexpensive ways to start leveraging security monitoring processes
  • Ways to participate in Threat Intelligence Sharing
  • Integrating critical IBM i security event information into a monitoring infrastructure 
  • How to leverage unique IBM i intrusion protections to secure key information assets

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be well positioned to plan and execute effective security enhancements to protect your organization in 2017.

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