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Monitor Critical User Applications with Automate

December 13, 2017


You might already be using network monitoring software to ensure your network and connected devices are running smoothly, but do you have visibility into the performance of your user applications? An application or database failing—or simply running slowly—could have a negative effect on your company’s operations. Unfortunately, in many organizations, no solution is in place to monitor end user applications.

Automate has you covered. If you are a member of the help desk or operations team or if you work for a managed service provider (MSP) or network operations center (NOC), you have applications that require more than a simple status check. Watch this webinar to learn how to automate application monitoring and remove the manual effort from keeping your user applications running smoothly.

Your end users rely on a variety of applications to do their jobs well, contribute to business objectives, and provide good customer service. Don’t let these user applications fall through the gaps in your monitoring strategy.

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