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Modernize Your Data Access—Just Like Prime Inc

See modern data for yourself.


Join Brianne Madura from Prime Inc. to hear how she went from a non-Sequel user to the Sequel expert and elevated their past query maintenance while allowing users to access data from a PC or browser. From accounting to warehouse to management, teams all across Prime Inc. can view the modernized information they need, when they need it.

Brianne is proof that with the right modernized tool, you can:

  • Move away from Query/400 with confidence
  • Avoid re-keying IBM i data into spreadsheets for analysis
  • Consolidate several Query/400 queries into 1 Sequel object
  • Modernize reports from a PC and browser
  • Reduce redundant query definitions
  • Find data empowerment with Sequel

Learn how migrating from an old outdated query product to a modernized tool can save you and your user’s time, just like Prime Inc.


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