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Modernize Business Intelligence in 2021

Remove Query/400 and start the modernization process for your BI application
Compare Sequel to Query/400.
December 15, 2020


As you plan your strategic, operational, and tactical objectives for 2021, you need to start looking at replacing outdated technology like Query/400 and your other manual and labor-intensive efforts to get data to business users.

You can do business better in 2021! Modernize your business intelligence application and processes by delivering information and graphical data to the people who need it to make quick but informed decisions.

Watch now to see our experts demonstrate how the modern interfaces and advanced functionality in Sequel software can easily replace and enhance your current process for accessing data. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Quit writing expensive code or using Query/400 queries to access valuable business data
  • Build dashboards to compile and track KPIs
  • Deploy insightful, actionable dashboards through a browser 

See how Sequel makes it possible for your IT team to deliver the valuable data and insight that users have been asking for without taking focus away from your other crucial functions.

Watch now!

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