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Mobilize Your IBM i Data in a Browser

Learn how Sequel Web Interface brings critical information to users


Your business users and executives need real-time data access—no matter where they are. As business information requirements have grown, the pressure is on IT to provide a solution that allows users to explore data on their own and access data on mobile devices. That’s where Sequel Web Interface comes in to save the day. You can easily deliver self-service data access to those who need it.

With Sequel Web Interface, users get the benefit of up-to-the-minute data access in a comfortable environment: the browser. They can securely take data access with them wherever they are by using the browser interface on any mobile device.

Watch this webinar where we will share the benefits of giving your organization mobile data access in a browser. You’ll learn about: 

  • Productivity boosting 
    • Give users self-service real-time data access
    • Analyze data with pivots, dynamic summary, drill-down, and more
    • Deliver KPI information in a dashboard 
  • The ease of creating your end user deliverables
    • Friendly designer for all levels (IT and power users)
    • Access not limited to IBM data
    • Oracle, MS SQL Server, Excel, MS Access, and others

You’ll also see how quickly and easily your team can design and deliver the information that your business community needs.

Whether you already own Sequel—or you’re just starting to look for a modern IBM i data access solution. Watch now!

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