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Windows, UNIX, Linux
April 6, 2017


In this release, our enterprise job scheduler, Skybot Scheduler, has been renamed Automate Schedule to more closely align with our robotic and business process automation tools from the Automate product line.

In this webinar we take a look at how you can use the Automate Complete suite of products to automate tasks on your desktop and across your entire enterprise.

Automate Schedule is also introducing the Universal Connector. The Universal Connector provides templates that allow Automate Schedule to communicate with any third-party web service. Now you can easily include those jobs in your Automate Schedule Job Suites or individual jobs. If you’re currently building your DevOps culture and processes, you’ll appreciate how the Universal Connector’s AWS templates help you manage your AWS cloud development and testing environment. Watch the video to see a couple examples of the following:

  • Automate robots at work
  • Automate integration with Informatica data extraction
  • The Universal Connector and AWS


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