On-Demand Webinar

Malware on Power Systems Servers: Breaking Down the Myths

IBM i, UNIX, Linux, AIX
August 11, 2021


Even with today’s advanced malware, many IT pros don’t believe their Power Systems servers are at risk. The truth is malicious programs affect every OS.

To keep your data secure and your systems up and running, it’s critical to grasp the true impact malware can have on Power Systems servers and the network that connects to them.

Watch this webinar to learn where the danger lies and how you can protect your systems. Our panel of Power Systems security experts will discuss real-world examples of malware attacks on Linux, AIX, and IBM i, and provide effective tactics for avoiding infections. They cover:

  • How malware and viruses have successfully infiltrated Linux, AIX, and IBM i systems
  • Why some of the most common malware solutions often leave Power Systems vulnerable
  • Expert tips for securing your systems
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